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      Most recent additions to the complete review:
  • Iranian-born, Dutch-writing Kader Abdolah's (semi-)historical novel, The King

  • A Father's Memoir in 424 Steps, Diogo Mainardi's The Fall

  • Emmanuel Carrère's prix Renaudot-winning Limonov, now available in English

  • Deon Meyer's new thriller, Cobra

  • 1920 Nobel laureate Knut Hamsun's Victoria

  • Chen Xiwo's The Book of Sins, just out in English from Forty-six

  • Colin Adams' mathematical thriller, Zombies and Calculus

  • Nakamura Fuminori's new thriller, Last Winter, We Parted

  • Judith Schalansky's Darwinian novel, The Giraffe's Neck

  • Another volume in Dalkey Archive Press' Library of Korean Literature, Park Min-gyu's Pavane for a Dead Princess

  • Tomás González's 1983 novel, In the Beginning was the Sea, finally available in English

  • The second of Giorgio Scerbanenco's Duca Lamberti mysteries, Betrayal, now published in the US, as Traitors to All

  • Michael Henry Heim & A Life in Translation, The Man Between, edited by Esther Allen, Sean Cotter, and Russell Scott Valentino

  • Albert Sánchez Piñol's recent novel of The Fall of Barcelona, Victus

  • An Attainable Utopia: Julio Cortázar's 1975 classic, Fantomas versus the Multinational Vampires, finally obtainable in English, from Semiotext(e)

  • Japanese author Minato Kanae's bestselling thriller, Confessions

  • Mark L. Winston finds Lessons from the Hive in Bee Time

  • Teenage author Solomonica de Winter's written-but-not-yet-available-in-English (only German) debut, Over the Rainbow

  • Julie Schumacher's epistolary campus-novel, Dear Committee Members

  • Another volume in Dalkey Archive Press' Library of Korean Literature, Ch'oe In-ho's Another Man's City

  • Haitian author Frankétienne's Ready to Burst, finally available in English, from Archipelago Books

  • Nino Haratischwili's 2010 novel, Juja

  • The restored version of Jules Verne's The Meteor Hunt

  • Swiss author Arno Camenisch's The Alp -- translated from the German and Romansh

  • Anna Katharine Green's 1878 mystery, The Leavenworth Case

  • The last novel Roberto Bolaño published during his lifetime, A Little Lumpen Novelita, now finally also available in English, from New Directions

  • Another knock-out from Pascal Garnier, The Front Seat Passenger

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