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     Michael Orthofer was born in Graz, Austria in 1964.
     He currently lives in New York.

     He founded the complete review in the spring of 1999, adding the site's weblog, the Literary Saloon, in the summer of 2002.

     Most of the archived material on the site is his work, as is all the new material.

     M.A.Orthofer on Twitter: http://twitter.com/MAOrthofer.

     (M.A.Orthofer does not currently have a Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, etc. page.)


     Other publications:

  • Islamic Law in a Modern Secular State - Shah Bano and Its Aftermath. Islamic and Comparative Law Quarterly Vol. 10-11 (1990)
  • The Scientist on the Stage: A Survey. Interdisciplinary Science Reviews 27.3 (Fall, 2002)
  • Weighing Words Over Last Wishes. Poets & Writers (November/December 2003)
  • Translations, Part 4. Context 17 (Spring 2005)
  • Review: Old Filth by Jane Gardam. The Philadelphia Inquirer (13 June 2006)
  • Review: The Dark Side of Love by Rafik Schami. The National (15 October 2009)
  • A Conversation with Eshkol Nevo. World Literature Today (September-October, 2010)
  • "Michel Houellebecq se replie complètement sur lui-même". Le Monde (2 September 2010) (English)
  • A fundamental cosmpolitanism in Lomark and the Wieringerwaard: Contemporary Dutch Fiction from a Foreign Perspective. De Revisor Jaarboek voor nieuwe literatuur 1 (2010)
  • Op-Ed: Less than a miracle: National Book Awards are dysfunctional -- but thatís nothing new. The Daily (22 October 2011)




  • Brown University, 1982-1985 (B.A., with honors)
  • Columbia University, 1990-1993 (J.D.; Harlan Fiske Stone Scholar; Parker School Certificate of Achievement, with Honors, in International and Comparative Law)

     Professional affiliations:

     Recreational inline skating:

  • Central Park (NY) 'Big Loop' - best times (on Rollerblade Crossfire 100s)
    • 1 lap (9.7 km): 25'06"50 - 8 August 2012
    • 2 laps (19.4 km): 53'32"37 - 4 August 2012

     Work in snow:

Snow figures, 2010
Snow figures, 2010.

Work in snow (and fog), 2013
Work in snow (and fog), 2013.

Work in snow [March, 2013]
Work in snow [March, 2013].

Work in snow II [March, 2013]
Work in snow II [March, 2013].

Work in snow (ice) [March, 2014]
Work in snow (ice) [March, 2014].

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