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Arno Schmidt
a centennial colloquy
A Literary Saloon dialogue

Arno Schmidt: a centennial colloquy at Amazon.com

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Stefan Hoppner, The German Quarterly 89.2 (Spring 2016):

"Orthofer is careful to cater to the English-speaking novice, beginning with Schmidt's German translations of Faulkner, Poe, and Cooper, among others. It is also a felicitous choice to leave Joyce mostly out of the picture and compare Schmidt to more recent, more popular, but no less ambitious reading fare [...]

(A)n enjoyable and entertaining read. The book clearly aims at a general rather than at an academic audience, and Orthofer is to be commended especially for making Schmidt accessible. [...]

On the whole, Orthofer's book makes for a fine introduction to this intriguing writer, especially now, as Dalkey Archive Press has just announced that Woods' translation of Bottom's Dream will finally be published in September 2016. So, it's now time for English-speaking readers to finally go and discover Arno Schmidt."

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About the book

       Arno Schmidt was born 18 January 1914 (✝1979). When his centenary rolled around, there was a lot of fuss and attention in Germany. In the US and UK -- not so much. Except, of course, at the venerable Literary Saloon, where they discussed the master until deep into the night .....
       Arno Schmidt: a centennial colloquy is an introductory volume to his life and work, for an audience that seems to desperately need it. Although well-translated into English, Schmidt -- one of the German greats of the twentieth century -- doesn't get nearly the attention he deserves (except in the stultifying, rarefied air of well-concealed corners of academia -- and he deserves better than that).
       An entertaining overview -- a typical Literary Saloon dialogue (you remember those, right ?), appropriately enough, since it was Schmidt that inspired them in the first place -- Arno Schmidt: a centennial colloquy is the Schmidt-primer you've been waiting for. (You may not realize you've been waiting for it, but I'm confident that, deep down, you've always known you need to know more about this guy and his work.)
       Arno Schmidt: a centennial colloquy isn't meant to be definitive literary criticism or exhaustive biography. These conversations are meant to give you a sense of Schmidt's life, work, influence, and legacy. A foundation to help bring you closer to his writing.
       Word also comes in 2014 that Schmidt's translator, the great John E. Woods, has finally completed work on Schmidt's most famous and notorious work, Bottom's Dream, and what better way to prepare for its forthcoming publication in English ? (Don't worry, you have some time: Dalkey Archive Press plans to bring it out, but that is going to take a while (read Arno Schmidt: a centennial colloquy to find out some of the reasons why ...).)
       A hundred pages or so of wide-ranging conversation makes Arno Schmidt: a centennial colloquy just the thing to get you started on Schmidt (or, yes, put you off him forever -- amazing though his work is, it's not everyone's sort of thing -- but better (and cheaper) to find that out now than after you lugged home Bottom's Dream, right ?).

       It is already available from many of your favorite vendors -- see here.

       [You can preview the text by 'looking inside' on the Amazon.com page.]

       See also Arno Schmidt: a centennial colloquy at Goodreads

       Translation rights are available.

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Book data

Title: Arno Schmidt
Subtitle: A centennial colloquy
Includes: Chronology, Bibliography, an Appendix of Schmidt's 'Radio Dialog'-subjects
Author: M.A.Orthofer

Pages: 98
Words: 24,000

ISBN: 978-1-312-65088-6 (print) and 978-1-312-65181-4 (ePub)
Publisher: aesthetics of resistance / press

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Buy the book

       Currently, Arno Schmidt: a centennial colloquy is available:

     In print, list price $12.95 (slightly cheaper at Amazon/Barnes & Noble) (ISBN: 978-1-312-65088-6):

     As a Kindle-eBook, at $8.95:      As an ePub-eBook, at $8.95 (ISBN: 978-1-312-65181-4):        Arno Schmidt: a centennial colloquy should be available from your local retailer (well, they can order it for you ...).

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Sales statistics

       Arno Schmidt: a centennial colloquy was first made available for sale (in limited distribution) 3 November 2014

       As of 31 March 2024:

135 paperback copies have been sold
74 e-versions (Kindle or ePub) have been sold

5 gratis/review e-version distributed
16 gratis/review print copies distributed

Total copies sold, all formats: 209
Total copies printed: 165 (30 gratis/review copies)
Total copies downloaded: 79 (5 gratis/review copies)

Total earnings to date: $ 607.00 (+ €34.86, £33.20, C$27.88, ₹192.15, ¥326, BRL 7.76, A$13.55, MEX$42.23)
Total expenditures to date: $ 173.69
Net earnings/losses to date: US$ 433.31 (+ €34.86, £33.20, C$27.88, ₹192.15, ¥326, BRL 7.76, A$13.55, MEX$42.23)

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About the author

       M.A.Orthofer is the founder and managing editor of the complete review and its Literary Saloon.

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Arno Schmidt at the Complete Review


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