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the Literary Saloon at the Complete Review
opinionated commentary on literary matters - from the complete review

About the Literary Saloon weblog

       The Literary Saloon is the literary weblog at the complete review. It offers opinionated commentary on literary matters, as well as news from and about the complete review, literary news, links, musings, and the occasional tirade.

       An RSS feed is available at (Bloglines users can subscribe here)

       The Literary Saloon is now also available on's Kindle-device.

       The weblog is generally updated daily (yes, on weekends too !), with occasional holiday and other interruptions.

       Commentary is not restricted to material available or accessible via the Internet. Note that we generally will not link to pages and sites requiring users to register in order to use them (such as The New York Times' site). Note also that many links are temporary and fleeting and may not work after a short period of time. Blame the link-source (and e-mail them with your complaints !)

       The complete review is not responsible for any content linked to (though we try to give you fair warning of what to expect).

       Postings are from the amorphous entity that is the complete review, with primary responsibility for the content on the site falling on local barkeep M.A.Orthofer.

       You can now also follow M.A.Orthofer on Twitter.

       The Literary Saloon went online Sunday, 11 August 2002.

       Your financial support for the complete review family of sites is always welcome.

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