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Geoff Nicholson

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Title: Footsucker
Author: Geoff Nicholson
Genre: Novel
Written: 1995
Length: 219 pages
Availability: Footsucker - US
Footsucker - UK
Footsucker - Canada
Le Fétichiste - France

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Our Assessment:

A- : bizarre yet thoroughly enjoyable.

See our review for fuller assessment.

Review Summaries
Source Rating Date Reviewer
The Guardian C+ 17/11/1995 Robert Potts
The Guardian B+ 17/12/1995 Tobias Hill
The LA Times B 9/10/1996 Michael Harris
New Statesman &: Society B 8/12/1995 Susan Jeffreys
The New Yorker . 6/1/1997 .
Salon B 25/10/1996 Stephanie Zacharek
San Francisco Chronicle . 29/12/1996 Michael Upchurch
The Washington Post . 29/12/1996 Carolyn Banks

  From the Reviews:
  • "The idea has legs; its execution, sadly, is pedestrian." - Robert Potts, The Guardian

  • "Nicholson keeps testing us, raising the stakes, forcing us to choose between the narrator's world, in which everything he does makes some kind of sense, and the world of public opinion, in which it doesn't. (...) Footsucker remains a provocative and elegant meditation on a question that haunts many people (and not just sexual deviants, by any means): Am I Everyman or Everywoman, or a pathological case ?" - Michael Harris, The Los Angeles Times

Please note that these ratings solely represent the complete review's biased interpretation and subjective opinion of the actual reviews and do not claim to accurately reflect or represent the views of the reviewers. Similarly the illustrative quotes chosen here are merely those the complete review subjectively believes represent the tenor and judgment of the review as a whole. We acknowledge (and remind and warn you) that they may, in fact, be entirely unrepresentative of the actual reviews by any other measure.

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The complete review's Review:

       Yes, -- and what else would one expect of Nicholson ? -- it is a book about foot fetishism. Though Nicholson's books always range far beyond their obsessions, using them only as a platform. But here he takes on a more ... unsavoury obsession. His anonymous narrator is a (relatively) unapologetic fetishist, and Nicholson allows him to lovingly wallow in the murky depths of his obsession.
       Striking a delicate balance between the awkward and the truly icky Nicholson manages to arouse some sympathy in our heroes odd obsession. His pursuit of feet is admirable and amusing (though always tinged with the thought that much of what he is doing is most inappropriate). The erotic thrill of the fine shoe is ... plausibly related, the foot-indulgences quite convincing.
       Obsession breeds excess, and excess leads to disaster: so Nicholson's novels invariably prove, and this one is no different. Fashioning a vague thriller plot around the foot obsession Nicholson allows his narrator to find a love who warms to his fixation (Catherine, with perfect feet) and a shoemaker who can create the finest footwear around them.
       The story is amusing enough, but it is the riffs on the foot fetish that make the book (with a perfect turn to close it out). In short, complete chapters, Nicholson offers a fascinating picture of obsession, love and sex. Fun indeed. We recommend it to any and all who are not put off by the title.

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About the Author:

       English author Geoff Nicholson, born in Sheffield in 1953, has written a flurry of novels. He lives in London and New York.

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