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Geoff Nicholson
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Nationality: Great Britain
Born: 4 March 1953

  • Graduated from Cambridge and the University of Essex
  • Currently divides his time between London and Los Angeles

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What others have to
say about
Geoff Nicholson:

  • "British writer Geoff Nicholson's quirky titles (Still Life with Volkswagens, Footsucker) promise black humor and unconventional sex. And they deliver, to the hilt." - Carey Harrison, San Francisco Chronicle (28/12/1997)

  • "Nicholson's obsessive obsessiveness -- see: Footsucker, Still Life With Volkswagens, etc. -- is both his strength and his weakness. His quirky diatribes on the horrors of modern life can be a bit too cynical, and some characters receive shorter shrift than they deserve." - Jay A. Fernandez, The Washington Post (4/1/1998)

  • "Nicholsonís novels are distinguished by their quirky, daring imagination." - Christopher Hart, Sunday Telegraph (1/5/1999)

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Pros and Cons
of the author's work:

  • The novels are always fun, with a dark humour that (almost) never gets too black.
  • The ideas in his books are always clever, intriguingly tied together.
  • The novels are stylistically very solid, relatively short and fast-paced, and easy and fun to read.
  • Strong female characters

  • Nicholson's obsession with obsessions: he fixates on one idea, big or small, and takes it to all extremes. He does it well, but it can be a bit much.
  • The novels tend to follow too many disparate storylines or tell too many small stories. These generally do converge, or at least cross, but it can be annoying.

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the complete review's Opinion

     Geoff Nicholson is one of the finest contemporary writers of pure entertainments. There is meaning, message, and depth to his writings, but Nicholson artfully conveys these inside his intricate novelistic creations.
     An imaginative writer, he comes up with more than his fill of off-beat and curious ideas. His books are always amusing, but the humour is rarely forced. His main characters are almost always very human, and as odd and unlikely as they may be the reader invariably takes an interest in them.
     The all-pervasive quirkiness may, at first glance, be off-putting, but it should not be. Rarely does Nicholson go over the top, as so many authors do. Indeed, most of his books are marked by the characters (and the story) eventually coming back down to earth, as it were. Nicholson enjoys eccentricity, but does not indulge in it for its own sake alone.
     With fifteen novels and four works of non-fiction under his belt to date (2009), written in the span of just over two decades, Nicholson has produced a remarkably strong and consistent yet varied oeuvre. He continues to surprise -- and he continues to entertain -- and with this growing body of work he should continue to ascend among the ranks of Britain's foremost authors. His marvelous literary divertissements deserve both greater popularity and recognition.

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