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Double Dexter

Jeff Lindsay

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Title: Double Dexter
Author: Jeff Lindsay
Genre: Novel
Written: 2011
Length: 322 pages
Availability: Double Dexter - US
Double Dexter - UK
Double Dexter - Canada
Double Dexter - India
Double Dexter - France
Doppio Dexter - Italia
. .
DVD: Dexter: The First Season - US
Dexter: The Second Season - US
Dexter: The Third Season - US
Dexter: The Fourth Season - US
  • The sixth in the Dexter-series

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Our Assessment:

B : the usual Dexterian fun

See our review for fuller assessment.

The complete review's Review:

       Double Dexter finds blood spatter analyst cum serial killer Dexter Morgan more self-absorbed than usual -- but for good reason. The novel begins with Dexter dispatching another deserving victim (for a career grand total of fifty-two now) but there's a slight hitch: despite all his precautions, and despite the usually helpful warning voice of his 'Dark Passenger', it's apparent that he didn't quite get away with it: "someone had seen me at play". At least Dexter is lucky enough that whoever it was apparently didn't call the authorities -- but then it turns out Dexter wasn't lucky at all: the witness has something rather different in mind, finding himself ... inspired by Dexter, and inspired to follow in his footsteps, in more ways than one.
       Dexter doesn't know what he's up against; indeed, for quite a while he doesn't know that he's up against anything. The murders his sister Deb is investigating -- fellow police officers literally beaten to a pulp -- offer a bit of distraction, but in the background there's a nagging feeling (and occasional sighting) of something directed specifically at him. Meanwhile, wife Rita seems considerably more on edge (and reaches for and refills her wine glass more than she should), as something is obviously on her mind -- and the socially inept Dexter of course isn't very good at figuring out what might be bothering her, or what she might be imagining; of course, given the secret he's keeping -- that she's married to a monster -- he doesn't really want to explore what she might be thinking .....
       "Ah, the consolation of routine", says Dexter -- more with resignation than relief, as he finds it hard to concentrate at work, or play; indeed, he finds it impossible to pursue his usual retributive recreation and even his efforts to hunt down his shadow are frustrated. Longtime nemesis Sergeant Doakes, in particular, continues to be a thorn in his side, and gets in his way. More problematic, however, is the unseen foe, who slowly makes his presence felt, and slowly makes it clear that he's out to get Dexter -- preferably by hoisting him with his own petard.
       Has Dexter met his match ? Is Dexter about to meet his double -- and his maker ? "I am learning from you", the shadowy figure teases Dexter, and he does seem to have picked up a lot of both Dexter's methods and madness. Amusingly, too, he too finds justification for his acts in claiming he only takes out those who deserve it (as does Dexter) -- though for him Dexter is obviously a deserving target.
       Yes, Dexter finds himself racked by doubts:

     What if I couldn't do this ? What if I really had met my match, and he was just too much for me to handle ?
       In his desperation, Dexter even enlists bad boy brother Brian -- who really does have no conscience -- to help him deal with his problem. (This is a bit out of character -- not so much turning to Brian in this situation, but rather not thoroughly checking who he is actually unleashing Brian on -- a disappointing un-Dexterian bit of jumping the gun without doing his homework.)
       A final showdown -- and then the aftermath -- involve a few too many convenient coincidences and opportunities, but is amusing enough (and nicely clears the stage for the next installment in the series).
       Along the way there are domestic scenes -- lots of diaper changes, and then some house-hunting, as Rita and Dexter look to take advantage of the many local foreclosures (a business brother Brian is apparently right in the thick of) -- and the usual office dynamics and rivalries which help complicate Dexter's life. The two older kids, Cody and Astor, seem to spend most of their time playing video games, as their own unfolding dark sides are more or less put on hold here, but no doubt they'll come to the fore at some point; helpful brother Brian also lingers in the background, and presumably will also help complicate Dexter's life at some point in the future too.
       A solid episode in the Dexter-saga, Double Dexter finds Dexter flailing about more than usual, finding himself wrong-footed by his near-mirror-image. It's nothing exceptional, but it's a perfectly fine volume in the series.

- M.A.Orthofer, 10 October 2011

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About the Author:

       American author Jeff Lindsay (pen name of Jeffry P. Freundlich) was born in 1952.

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