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Voyage to Kazohinia

Szathmári Sándor

[an overview of the reviews and critical reactions]

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To purchase Voyage to Kazohinia

Title: Voyage to Kazohinia
Author: Szathmári Sándor
Genre: Novel
Written: 1941 (Eng. 1975)
Length: 352 pages
Original in: Hungarian
Availability: Voyage to Kazohinia - US
Voyage to Kazohinia - UK
Voyage to Kazohinia - Canada
Voyage to Kazohinia - India
  • First published in Hungarian as Gulliver utazása Kazohiniában (1941); republished under various other titles
  • Published in Esperanto as Vojaĝo al Kazohinio (1958); there is still some debate about whether or not the novel was originally written in Esperanto
  • First published in the this translation as Kazohinia (1975); republished as Voyage to Kazohinia (2012)
  • Translated by Inez Kemenes

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Amusing enough, but not quite worth the trouble of a full review

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Review Summaries
Source Rating Date Reviewer
Publishers Weekly . 9/4/2012 .
Wall Street Journal . 18/7/2012 Allan Massie

  From the Reviews:
  • "Despite its wit and intelligence, the late Szathmári’s dystopian cult classic (originally published in Hungary in 1941) flounders in a sea of details. (...) There’s no shortage of ponderous material, but by failing to create memorable characters (or, in the case of Gulliver, recreate), the author has not produced -- as Swift before him did -- a timeless classic, but an intermittently interesting artifact." - Publishers Weekly

  • "Voyage to Kazohinia is labored and repetitive, burdened with an excess of detail. A good editor could have improved it greatly. You can't help feeling that it must have been enjoyable to write, because the author takes evident pleasure in his elaboration of his imaginary societies. It is less enjoyable to read. The ingenuities, piled up one on top of the other, become wearisome." - Allan Massie, Wall Street Journal

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Notes about the Reviews
and the Book's Reception

       Originally published in this English translation by Corvina in Hungary, Voyage to Kazohinia was finally brought to the US by New Europe Books in 2012, and they managed to get some decent attention for it.
       A variation on Gulliver's Travels, transposed to the mid-twentieth century, the book is also of note as a leading Esperanto text -- there is even some debate as to whether or not Szathmári originally wrote the novel in Esperanto, though it seems most likely that it was written in Hungarian and only translated into Esperanto).

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Voyage to Kazohinia: Reviews: Other books of interest under review:

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About the Author:

       Hungarian author Szathmári Sándor (1897-1974) was also an enthusiastic Esperantist.

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