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Literary Saloon Dialogues at the complete review Quarterly:

  1. On Dialogue: An Introduction -- in which the nature of the discourse at the Literary Saloon is introduced and explored
  2. Books o' the Ages: A Millennial/Centennial/Decennial/Annual Reassessment -- considering the best and the defining books of the ages
  3. On Critical Anonymity -- on critics and reviewers that remain anonymous (and those that don't)
  4. On Online Alternatives -- exploring some of the possibilities of literature online
  5. On the Cover / Uncovered: What's in the reviews and what's not -- on looking for information about books online and in the newspapers and too often not finding it
  6. May a Hundred Million Books Bloom: In Praise of Slush -- a call for more, not less (despite the many calls for less, not more)
  7. Whoa Nelly ! Real Life, Lucky Girls, and Advances in Non-Fiction -- about Nell Freudenberger's impressive advance and other successes with unwritten fiction
  8. Time to Read

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