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      The complete review ( was established in 1999. A forum to provide information about works of literature and other texts, the complete review is designed to help users take advantage of the resources on the Internet. Extensive information is provided about each book under review (including the complete review's own opinion of the book), and there are also links to other reviews and other sources of information (where available). The site has met with both critical and popular success. Nevertheless, there are certain limitations to the format of the complete review, which remains essentially a book-review site.
      A welcome addition to the site was that of the Author Reviews, offering broader surveys of some of the authors under review. The success of these pages -- still limited in number and scope -- suggested that a broader literary forum, extending beyond the consideration of individual books, would be welcome by the users of the complete review. It is for this reason that the editors and owners of the complete review founded the complete review Quarterly.
      The complete review Quarterly is a complement to the complete review. The focus of the journal is on issues that cannot be addressed in the pages of the complete review, allowing for comparative and analytic studies as well as alternative literary considerations that go beyond the scope of the complete review's design.

      A prime area of interest of users is book reviewing, and the complete review Quarterly devotes a significant amount of space to examining the contemporary state of literary criticism and book reviewing, paying particular attention to the Internet. In addition, the complete review Quarterly is also a forum for self-reflection, examining the successes and failures of the complete review itself, specifically in the frequent "State of the Site" pieces.
      The complete review Quarterly also offers literary criticism, analysis, news from the world of literature and publishing, and, where appropriate, fiction and verse.

      Like its parent site, the complete review Quarterly is a literary saloon and site of review, a place of strong opinions, strongly voiced. The only literature that is offensive is bad literature, and the only opinions that are offensive are those that are badly expressed. The mission of the complete review Quarterly is to expand the horizon of its users, offering opinions and alternatives that might otherwise not be as readily accessible.

      The complete review Quarterly is solely an e-journal, existing only in cyberspace. Taking advantage of the malleability of the medium, the complete review Quarterly provides a valuable additional literary resource. Primarily a complement to the complete review, it nevertheless offers additional perspectives.

      The complete review Quarterly appears four times annually: in February, May, August, and November.

      There is no charge for use of the complete review Quarterly -- but please do consider supporting the site !

      Under no circumstances whatsoever will any cookies ever be put on your computer by this site.

      Any and all users are welcome to visit the complete review Quarterly and do here as they please. Remember, however, that absolutely everything on this site is copyrighted by the complete review Quarterly and any unauthorized use of this material is both illegal and rude. Users should link to and not copy material on our site: links are always welcome, copies permitted only with express authorization. Only with express authorization !

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