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the Complete Review

A Literary Saloon and Site of Review

About the complete review:

      This is a site designed to provide you with as much information as possible about a wide variety of books, taking advantage of the large amount of information available on the internet.
      On this site you will find individual pages devoted to each book under review. For each book we try to provide you with the following:

  • Basic information about the book
  • Our review and recommendation (or warning)
  • A summary of reviews from the media
  • Links to reviews available on the internet
  • Links to other relevant sites
  • Suggestions as to similar books which might be of interest
  • Basic information about the author

     The advantages of our site are clear:
  • Information: Most book review sites only give you their opinion. We try to give you all the opinions -- and a great deal of other information about the books in question. Our goal is to provide as much information as possible about each book.
  • Concision: We reduce most of the reviews -- including our own -- to their essence: a letter grade for each. We expand on these with a brief recommendation or warning, a representative quote from some of the reviews, our own review, as well as links to the full-length reviews (or, if not on the internet, references where to find the reviews).
  • Objectivity: While we make no claim to any objectivity in our reviews you can immediately compare our claims with those of any number of other reviewers.
  • Accessibility: All the information about a specific books, and all the links on one page. No need for cumbersome search engine searches.
  • Ease of use: Find your book in our Review Index, find everything you need about that book on the page devoted to it.

     Note that the links we provide to Amazon.com and Bookshop are associate/affiliate links, and that we earn a commission from qualifying purchases made via these links.

     The complete review was founded and continues to be run by M.A.Orthofer, and he is currently responsible for most of the material that appears on the site.

     Though based in New York, the complete review tries and hopes to be global in reach, both regarding the books that are covered on the site and its audience.

     For more about the site, purchase a copy of The Complete Review: Eleven Years, 2500 Reviews - A Site History:

The Complete Review: Eleven Years, 2500 Reviews - A Site History

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