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     Most listings of links to publishers are either too broad -- every publisher under the sun -- or too narrow. We at the complete review never found one that met our needs, so, of course, we made our own. Included are basically all publishers (with websites) whose books are of interest to the complete review (and therefore also to you, our valued users). It is a large, varied, and very international selection. In addition, the list of links is annotated, giving users the basic information about the various publishers.

     Publishers' sites often provide extensive information about books. Although the information tends not to be particularly objective, there is some value to it. But realize that these folks are trying to sell you their products. Try to seek out independent opinions as well.

     Note that many of the large US and UK publishers have several (and , in some instances -- Random House, for example, -- literally dozens) of imprints. Most of these imprints, even the big and famous ones, are listed under a single publisher.
     Note that not all publishers have websites. Note also that these listings are not meant to be comprehensive (and we have probably overlooked innumerable worthy sites). These listings are decidedly selective: the focus is on serious, literary publishers, with an emphasis on quality.

     In case the publishers you are looking for can not be found here, we have also included a listing of the most useful indices of publisher.

Publishing Links Index:

Links to:


     Included here are a large number of publishers with an Internet-presence that publish works of interest to the complete review (and thus, presumably, to users of the complete review), in English as well as in foreign languages.
     They are arranged in the following categories:

     University Presses:

  • American University in Cairo Press. Over 200 titles in print, emphasis on Arabic literature (especially Naguib Mahfouz).
  • Cambridge University Press. Excellent, very large academic publisher, strengths in many fields (but no fiction). Very useful informative sites (note that British and American sites are not identical in their format). Good book information. Recommended.
  • Columbia University Press. Large. Strengths in a number of fields. Some fiction (especially international). Fairly useful site, okay to navigate -- but annoying habit of only listing authors' last names in catalog listings. Good book information.
  • Cornell East Asia Series. Very small (70 volumes in print), interesting selection of fiction, poetry, and scholarly.
  • Cornell University Press. Fairly large (150 titles per annum). Good literary criticism, no fiction. Nice, uncluttered site design, but browsing (by subject) a bit annoying. Also only displays 20 titles per page in catalogs. Good book information.
  • Duke University Press. Fairly large (100 titles p.a. -- and 30 journals). Mainly humanities and social sciences, with lots of nutty lit.crit. and pomo stuff. Elegant, informative site.
  • Edinburgh University Press. "A forward-looking, independent university press and the premier publisher in Scotland publishing academic books, journals and general books for a readership world-wide". Site design okay, though a bit cumbersome to use. Book information okay.
  • FDU Press. Fairleigh Dickinson University Press. 40 titles p.a.
  • Fordham University Press. "Publishes primarily in the humanities and the social sciences"
  • Georgetown University Press. Forty new books a year.
  • Harvard Business Publishing. (At Harvard Business School Publishing.) Business books. HBSP info hidden in "The Store", but good information once you're there. Neat site, in many ways exemplary.
  • Harvard University Press. Large. Strong on literary subjects (and lots more), has the great Loeb collection of classic texts, very international. Fairly boring opening pages and Books Menu, but good information. Drab but useful site, very good book info (once you get to it).
  • Indiana University Press. Fairly large (150 titles p.a.). Fairly unexceptional list. Has regional fiction. Simple, functional site, browsing a pain (only a few "special subject pages").
  • Johns Hopkins University Press. Large (170 titles p.a.). Some literature and fiction. Fairly functional site, useful book information.
  • Louisiana State University. Medium sized (70 titles p.a.). "Focuses primarily on the humanities and social sciences, with a special emphasis on southern history and literature". Fiction (international and regional) and poetry. Straightforward, simple site, easily navigable, but basically no information on most books
  • Manchester University Press. Fairly large (120 titles p.a.).
  • Melbourne University Press. Ca. 50 new titles p.a., 200 titles on backlist. Good book information. Good, straightforward site.
  • Michigan State University. Decent selection -- and US distributors for the excellent African Books Collective.
  • MIT Press. Large (200 titles p.a.). Interesting science, art, architecture, tech books. Essentially nothing purely literary (and no fiction). Sleek, user-friendly site, good book information.
  • NYU Press. Fairly large (150 titles p.a.). Informative, well-designed site, but with limited browsing capability. Good book information.
  • Northwestern University Press. Medium sized. Lots of literature in translation, especially from Eastern Europe. Limited book information on site (AAUP page, rather than local catalog).
  • Ohio State University Press. Thirty new books a year.
  • Ohio University Press. Specialties include literary studies and African and international studies.
  • Oxford University Press. See also US site. Immense (3000 titles p.a. !). Includes Oxford World's Classic, Shakespeare, and tons of other literary-related titles. Well organized sites, lots of information. Exemplary.
  • Penn State Press. 70-80 books p.a.
  • Princeton University Press. Large (200 titles p.a.). Good book information, including sample chapters. Site fairly well organized.
  • Stanford University Press. Fairly large (110 titles p.a.). Some fiction (international, including especially Far Eastern). Somewhat annoying ultra-sleek design. Annoyingly limit number of books and info to 20 per page when browsing. Good book information.
  • SUNY Press. Fairly large. Some fiction. Decent, extremely simple site. Limited browsing capability (only by author/title). Decent book information.
  • Syracuse University Press. More than 1,200 titles in print, including a good deal of fiction.
  • Temple University Press. "Perhaps best known as a publisher of books in the social sciences and the humanities, as well as books about Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley region."
  • Texas Tech University Press. Up to 30 new titles a year, including some fiction.
  • University of California Press. Large. Good, varied list. Some fiction (old, new, international). Good, functional site. Very good book information, including many excerpts and some books free online.
  • University of Chicago Press. Large. Excellent selection, including some fiction (odd list includes Thomas Bernhard, R.K.Narayan) and poetry. Good, functional site, well-organized. Very good book information.
  • University of Illinois Press. 120 books p.a.
  • University of Michigan Press. Large, varied selection.
  • University of Minnesota Press. "The Press is among the most active publishers of translations of significant works of European and Latin American thought and scholarship."
  • University of Nebraska Press. Large. Considerable amount of fiction (including lots in translation). Decent, straightforward site, slightly cumbersome to browse. Good book information.
  • University Press of Florida. Small press.
  • University Press of Mississippi. Medium sized (60 titles p.a.), some good literary coverage.
  • University Press of New England. "The publishing program reflects strengths in the humanities, liberal arts, fine, decorative, and performing arts, literature, New England culture, and interdisciplinary studies."
  • University of New South Wales Press. About 60 titles a annually, in all areas.
  • University of Queensland Press. "The University of Queensland Press has been at the forefront of innovative Australian publishing. It has launched the careers of many great Australian novelists, published contemporary Australian poets, been a pioneering force in children's and young adult publishing and has set the benchmark for award-winning scholarly and Black Australian writing."
  • University of Texas Press. Fairly large (90 titles p.a.), some literature (especially Latin American).
  • University of Toronto Press. Fairly large (140 titles p.a.); "Canada's oldest and largest scholarly press".
  • University of Virginia Press. Medium sized (60 titles p.a.), some literary focus.
  • University of Wisconsin Press. Fairly large (100 titles p.a.), some literary focus.
  • Wesleyan University Press. Especially strong in poetry.
  • Yale University Press. Large. Good, informative site, fairly easy to navigate and browse. Good book information.

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     Academic Presses:

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     US - Small and Independent Publishers:

  • Harry N. Abrams. Quality art and illustrated books, ca. 200 titles p.a., 1500 in print.
  • Academy Chicago Publishers. Medium sized, odd selection includes Victorian classics and new fiction. Site fairly simple, with too little info about titles.
  • The Akadine Press. About 80 titles. Combined with A Common Reader bookstore. Good book information, fairly straightforward site.
  • Akashic Books. Small. "Dedicated to publishing urban literary fiction and political non-fiction". Simple, good site.
  • Arcade Publishing. Fairly large (500 titles published in last 12 years), with international and literary focus. Good, simple site, some book information.
  • Archipelago Books. "Committed to cross-cultural, linguistic, and intellectual exploration." Small, interesting selection.
  • Ariadne Press. Small. Devoted to Austrian literature in translation. Simple site, decent information.
  • Basic Books. Part of Perseus Group. "Serious nonfiction by leading intellectuals, academics and journalists".
  • Black Heron Press. Small (4-6 titles annually). Literary fiction. poor web design, blue on black listing of titles almost impossible to read.
  • Black Sparrow Press. Medium-sized. Literary, avant-garde. Heavy on Bukowski. Site colourful and a bit disorganized, but informative.
  • BOA Editions, Ltd.. Small. Poetry, new and in translation. Site a bit cluttered, but manageable.
  • George Braziller. Focus on international literature and books on art and architecture, interesting selection, manageable site.
  • Burning Deck. Very small. Basically just poetry (from French and German especially). Elegant small site, decent information.
  • Camden House. Primarily academic, with a "stress on scholarly books dealing with German and Austrian literature"
  • Catbird Press. "A small, independent book publisher with specialties in Czech literature in translation, American fiction, and sophisticated humor", including works by Karel Capek and Vladimír Páral. Simple, good site.
  • City Lights. Medium-sized. Excellent very literary list. Affiliated with bookstore. Simple, good-looking site, adequate content.
  • Coffee House Press. Small. "Produces books that present the dreams and ambitions of people who have been underrepresented in published literature, books that shape our national consciousness while strengthening a larger sense of community". Good, fairly simple site.
  • Copper Canyon Press. Medium-sized. "Dedicated to publishing poetry in a wide range of styles and from the full range of the world's many cultures". Excellent list of established poets. Okay if unexciting site.
  • Counterpoint Press. Good, varied literary list. Part of Perseus Books Group. Very good book information. Site design attractive, site fairly easy to use (though browsing a bit limited).
  • Dalkey Archive Press. Medium-sized (225 titles in print). Excellent literary list, good, eclectic international selection, high literary standards. Very good book information.
  • Dzanc Books. Founded 2006. Goal: "to advance great writing and champion those writers who don't fit neatly into the marketing niches of for-profit presses."
  • Four Walls Eight Windows. Medium-sized (ca. 30 new titles p.a.). "Literature and quality non-fiction". Good, functional, and informative site.
  • David R. Godine. 20-30 titles p.a. Good international literary titles. Some book information.
  • Graywolf Press. Medium-sized (sixteen new titles p.a.). Varied, fairly literary. Useful, fairly extensive site.
  • Green Integer. Medium-sized. "All such ephemera as may appear necessary to bring society into a slight tremolo of confusion and fright at least" Small pocket-sized books, high literary standard, international list. Good-looking but very basic site.
  • Grove/Atlantic. Medium-sized. Some very good literary works. Reasonably informative site, a bit cramped.
  • Hard Case Crime. "Hardboiled crime fiction, ranging from lost noir masterpieces to new novels by today's most powerful writers".
  • Helm Publishing. "A small independent publisher specializing in new and emerging authors for both fiction and nonfiction genres."
  • Incommunicado Press. Small. "The Last Hope for American Publishing (...) out to subvert the minds and wallets of millions of unsuspecting young readers". Cool, if somewhat mysterious site, but informative enough (if one digs around).
  • Joseph Henry Press. NAP imprint, wants to make "books on science, technology, and health more widely available to professionals and the public". Small selection.
  • Justin, Charles & Co.. "A new publisher established to produce high quality books with commercial appeal, books that will engage, entertain, enlighten and delight."
  • Lumen Books. Very small, but interesting works. Site presentation unfortunate -- frames, and all book info in one narrow frame (can adjust it, but that is a pain), and black writing on grey background (hard to read).
  • MacAdam/Cage. Interesting literary programme.
  • Marsilio Publishers. Medium-sized. Fairly literary. Interesting titles. Site fairly basic but information is there.
  • Melville House. Tiny. "Publishing literary fiction, non-fiction and poetry -- and liking it"
  • Mercury House. Medium-sized. "Guided by a dedication to literary values, to works of social significance, and to the free exchange of ideas". Very solid list. Nice looking site, fairly useful -- though don't have extended info about all titles.
  • Milkweed Editions. Fairly small (115 titles in print), decent, literary selection. Good book information. "Emphasis on cultural diversity, environmental stewardship, exceptionally crafted poetry, and insightful literature for adults and children in the middle grades".
  • New Directions. Medium-sized (ca. 30 titles p.a.). Excellent, diverse literary list. Fiction and poetry, international, historical. Fairly straightforward site, limited book information (good on new releases, practically nothing on backlist titles).
  • The New Press. Medium-sized. Good, international, fairly literary list. "Committed to publishing in innovative ways works of educational, cultural, and community value that, despite their intellectual merits, may be deemed insufficiently profitable by commercial publishers". Simple, elegant, fairly useful site. But the "New Press Magazine" is still (and forever ?) "under construction"
  • New York Review Books. Small. Excellent list of classics and international literature. Simple site, decent book information.
  • Open Letter. "Open Letter is a literary press that publishes twelve books annually, mostly novels, collections of short stories, and literary essays. We only publish books in translation."
  • Other Press. "Brings to an international audience a wide variety of books, both original and translated, on topics that are of interest to the academic world and to the educated reader."
  • The Overlook Press. Fairly small, good literary selection. Site design a bit clumsy, and not entirely up to date but good book information.
  • Persea Books. Small, interesting selection. Limited book information except about new titles.
  • Prickly Paradigm Press. Small list, "devoted to giving serious authors free reign to say what's right and what's wrong about their disciplines and about the world"
  • Ruminator Books Press. Used to be Hungry Mind. Small. "Ruminator books explore and enhance the concept of community on regional and global levels". Unremarkable site. Affiliated with bookstore.
  • Seven Stories Press. Good, limited literary list, including translation. Slick site, fairly easy to use. Limited information on some books.
  • Soft Skull Press. Interesting, edgy selection.
  • Soho Press. Medium-sized, mainly fiction, with lots of crime/mysteries. Nice, sleek site.
  • Stone Bridge Press. Small, with (East) Asian focus, including some literary.
  • Story Line Press. Medium-sized. Literary, focus on US. Site a bit cluttered (annoying frames !).
  • Sun & Moon Press. Medium-sized. Interesting literary variety. Straightforward, fairly simple site, nice look, limited information about some titles.
  • Turtle Point Press. Medium-sized. Interesting varied and eclectic works (old and new). Simple but informative site, includes a Web Gallery and other frills (of generally moderate interest and use).
  • Walker & Company. Medium-sized, solid list, mainly history, science, crime fiction.
  • Westview Press. part of Perseus Group. "Focusing on approximately 100 new and revised titles a year for the trade and college markets, we continue to focus on core strengths in the social sciences, humanities, and the sciences."
  • White Pine Press. Small, varied list. Basic website, limited information about titles.
  • The Word Works. "Publishes contemporary poetry in collector's editions".
  • Zoland Books. Medium-sized, fairly literary. "An independent publishing company producing fiction, poetry, nonfiction, and art books of literary interest".

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     US - Major Publishers:

  • Farrar, Straus, and Giroux. Excellent literary list, many good authors. Okay site. Fairly good book information.
  • Harcourt. Decent, relatively small literary list, some very good authors. Straightforward site, not great to browse. Fairly good book information.
  • Harper Collins. Imprints include: HarperCollins, Avon Books, Perennial, Quill, The Ecco Press, William Morrow. Simple, straightforward site. Fairly good book information.
  • Henry Holt. Owned by Holtzbrinck. Imprints include Henry Holt and Metropolitan. Ca. 175 new titles p.a. Decent browsing and search -- but "new and recent books only". Fairly good book information. Not a very sexy site, but okay.
  • Houghton Mifflin. Unexciting but usable site, limited browsing capability. Limited book information.
  • Hyperion. "General-interest fiction and nonfiction books for adults". Includes: Talk Miramax, ESPN Books, ABC Daytime Press, Theia, and Hyperion East imprints. Fairly good book information.
  • Penguin Putnam. Very large, excellent literary list (and a great deal more). "The company possesses perhaps the world's most prestigious list of best-selling authors and a backlist of unparalleled breadth, depth, and quality." Imprints include: Penguin, Viking, G. P. Putnam's Sons, Dutton, Berkley Books, Grosset & Dunlap, New American Library, and Riverhead Books. Site less packed than Penguin UK site. Good book information, a variety of frills. Some browsing capability, but not much use (too few books per page).
  • Random House. Very large, with excellent literary list (as well as lots of popular junk and everything else imaginable). "The world's largest English-language general trade book publisher" (though owned by German mega media conglomerate Bertelsmann AG). Imprints include: Random House, Alfred A. Knopf, Everyman's Library, Pantheon Books, Schocken Books, Anchor Books, Broadway Books, Doubleday, Nan A. Talese, Ballantine Books, Del Ray, Fawcett, Bantam, Delacorte Press, The Dial Press, Dell, Crown Publishers. (Maybe a few too many imprints under one roof ?) Lots of frills on site, including "literary magazines" At Random and Bold Type as well as reader's guides, newsletters, and other information -- varying in quality etc. (The Borzoi Reader still had the fall 2000 list up in mid-April 2001, for example.) Semi-separate sites for many of the imprints (different look and information, but also tied into the one over-arching site) make for some additional confusion. The site is packed with information (and generally provides good book information), but has a jumbled, "everything and the kitchen sink thrown in" feel to it and navigation can be annoying. Still, probably the best and most useful large publisher site.
  • Simon and Schuster. "SimonSays.com". Decent literary list but mainly popular fiction. Imprints include: Simon & Schuster, Pocket Books, Free Press, and Touchstone. Numerous frills, good general information, browsing a pain. Very good book information.
  • St. Martin's Press. Decent literary list. Owned by Holtzbrinck. Imprints include: St. Martin's Press, Picador USA, and Tor. Different sites for various imprints. Decent information, rather simple presentation.
  • Time Warner. "Time Warner Bookmark". Imprints include Warner Books and Little, Brown & Company. Okay literary list. A variety of frills onsite, good browsing options. Very good book information on new titles, fairly poor on old.
  • W.W.Norton. 400 new titles p.a. "Books not for a single season, but for the years". Good literary list, poetry. Not ideal to browse, but fairly straightforward, simple site, decent book information.

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     Great Britain - Small and Independent Publishers:

  • acorn book company. Small, short books, but impressive (small) list.
  • Aflame Books. "It publishes, in English translation, works from Africa, Latin America and the Middle East; works whose brilliance has been hidden from the English-speaking world by the barriers of culture and language".
  • AK Press. Anarchist fun. Very basic site, not much information.
  • Atlas Press. "Specialises in extremist and avant-garde prose writing from the 1890s to the present day". Including Dada surrealism. Great but unusual list. Fairly informative site.
  • Bloodaxe. Premier poetry publisher. Ca. 400 titles. Site a bit unwieldy. Limited information about books, but includes other stuff.
  • bfi publishing. British Film Institute. Excellent film-related titles. Fairly simple site, decent book information.
  • Calder Publications. "Publishers of the most significant literature of the 20th century". Good, cutting-edge list, good 20th century international list (especially French). Site still currently fairly small, but available book information decent..
  • Canongate. Medium-sized. Variety of imprints and titles. Site a bit cluttered but fairly useful.
  • Carcanet. Ca. 500 titles (adding 50-70 a year), very strong poetry, strong international list. Good, packed, informative site.
  • Codex. Small. "Cutting edge titles for all you readers disenfranchised by those short-sighted mainstream publishers". Nice, simple, informative site.
  • Creation Books. Edgy small publisher. Considerable erotica (including classic). Fairly basic site.
  • Dedalus. "Dedalus has invented its own distinctive genre, which we term distorted reality, where the bizarre, the unusual and the grotesque and the surreal meld in a kind of intellectual fiction which is very European." Small, interesting selection, decent book information on site.
  • Do Not Press. Ca. 60 titles. New fiction, lots of modern crime fiction. Good, functional site (despite frames).
  • Ellipsis. Small. Architecture, guides, unpopular culture (some of the most marginal books around). Practically no fiction. Fun site design (and eventually fairly straightforward). Includes decent book information. Plus other stuff (The Foundry ("putting the pub back into publishing") and more).
  • Gallic Books. "Committed to publishing English-language editions of the very best in French fiction."
  • Granta. Over 130 titles, 30-35 new titles p.a. Good literary list, interesting titles. Good book information. Fairly straightforward site.
  • Hesperus Press. Lesser-known or neglected short works by well-known European and American authors. Busy site, decent book information.
  • I.B.Tauris. 175 titles p.a. "We are now seen as the world leader in the field of Middle East Studies", but decent list of other general and academic titles too.
  • Icon Books. "A small independent British publisher specialising in thought-provoking books."
  • Mare’s Nest. Very small. Aims to bring "the best in International contemporary fiction to an English-language readership". Icelandic focus.
  • Marion Boyars. Medium-sized. Very good list. Some cutting edge translations, interesting titles. Decent site.
  • Methuen. Theatre books, including an excellent, large selection of playscripts. Good site.
  • Minerva Press. Fairly fancy site, some book information.
  • No Exit. Crime fiction. Good, informative site, somewhat cluttered first page.
  • Norvik Press. Small. Specializes in Scandinavian literature.
  • Parthian. "Committed to producing an innovative range of new Welsh Fiction, Poetry and Drama"
  • Polygon. Part of Edinburgh University Press. "A flagship for new fiction, poetry and popular Scottish and international general-interest titles". Design okay, a bit cumbersome. Book information okay.
  • Profile. Ca. 60 titles p.a. "Founded in 1996 to publish stimulating non-fiction".
  • Pulp Books. "Underground and contemporary fiction from the UK". Very small. Nice look, fairly informative site.
  • Pushkin Press. Small. Excellent selection, with a focus on early 20th Century European fiction, as well as some other titles.
  • Reaktion Books. Medium-sized. Focus on non-fiction, with interesting clusters of books in various series. Nice, fairly useful site -- though too many layers until one gets anywhere.
  • Seren. "An independent literary publisher, specialising in English-language writing from Wales."
  • Serpent's Tail. Medium-sized. Interesting selection. "Committed to publishing extravagant, outlaw voices neglected by the mainstream".
  • Short Books. Small list (only founded in 2001). Neat collection of short books, good authors. Good information, site a bit slow.
  • Sort of Books. Founded 1999, by the founders of the Rough Guide travel series.
  • Telegram. "New Writing from Around the World". Interesting selestion. Founded 2006.
  • Toby Press. Relatively small press, interesting selection of authors (international and English-language). Decent book information, if not ideally organized site.
  • Verso. Formerly New Left Books. Medium-sized. Mainly non-fiction, academic, serious, international. Fairly well-organized site, nice look, good information.
  • Virago. "Largest women's imprint in the world". Fairly large, excellent selection, including lots of historic fiction -- but all women. Well-designed, useful site. Decent author information, somewhat limited book information.

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     Great Britain - Major Publishers:

  • Bloomsbury. Good, fairly large literary site -- and home to the Harry Potter books. Site presented as "Bloomsbury Magazine". Lots of frills, some quite good. Slow, overly elaborate site. Looks good, but fairly annoying to use simply for book information. Good book information, though combined in commercial "Bookshop".
  • Faber & Faber. Fairly large. Excellent literary list. Somewhat cumbersome and unwieldy site, limited book information.
  • HarperCollins. "fireandwater.com". Imprints include: HarperCollins, Flamingo. Some decent literary stuff, mostly popular crap. Good looking but limited site, some frills, decent book information.
  • Palgrave Macmillan. Includes Macmillan Press in the UK, part of St. Martin's Press in US. "A global academic publisher serving learning and scholarship in the field of higher education, and publishing for the professional business and serious non-fiction markets".
  • Pan Macmillan. Includes PanMacmillan, Picador. Decent book information, though site is less than straightforward (combines with other Macmillan imprints).
  • Penguin Books. Very large. Includes Allen Lane, Hamish Hamilton, Michael Joseph, and Penguin Classics imprints (among others). Good literary, international, contemporary and classic. Cluttered, framed site. Good book information, but lots of ever-shifting frills. Packed site, with useful information, but a bit much.
  • Random House UK. Large. Includes Arrow, Chatto & Windus, Hutchinson, Jonathan Cape, Secker Harvill, Vermilion, Vintage, William Heinemann imprints. Good-looking site, good information, but browsing quite a pain.
  • Transworld. Imprints include: Doubleday and Bantam Press, Corgi, Black Swan, and Bantam Books. Wide variety of generally mainstream fiction and non, with some literature. Fairly straightforward and useful site, lots of decent frills, okay book and author information.

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     Specialist: - Publishers of Specific Foreign Literatures in English Translation:

  • African World Press. Also: The Red Sea Press. African (especially Horn of Africa) and Afro-American focus. Site annoyingly tied in to Yahoo!-based store, limited information about titles.
  • Ariadne Press. Austrian literature. Decent, small site. Interesting, varied titles
  • Aspasia Books. Small. "A publisher of books designed for those interested in things Finnish, including Finnish literature in English translation".
  • Catbird Press. Czech literature. Other books as well, but good, small list of Czech literature.
  • Gallic Books. "Committed to publishing English-language editions of the very best in French fiction."
  • IBEX Publishers. Also: Iran Books. "Persian and English books about Iran". Small site, small selection. Some literary works
  • Kodansha International. Japanese focus, including good but small selection of Japanese literature in translation.
  • Mage Publishers. Small. Persian and modern Iranian literature. Simple site
  • Mare’s Nest. Very small. Aims to bring "the best in International contemporary fiction to an English-language readership". Icelandic focus.
  • Mazda Publishing. Fairly small. Focus on Iran and Iranica. Mainly non-fiction.
  • Norvik Press. Small. Specializes in Scandinavian literature.
  • Parthian. "Committed to producing an innovative range of new Welsh Fiction, Poetry and Drama"
  • Twisted Spoon. Small. "An independent English-language small press devoted to publishing new writing, translations, and graphic art from Central & Eastern Europe". Small but varied and interesting list, very literary. See profile in RainTaxi.
  • Vertical. Very small. "Specializing in translating the best contemporary Japanese books."

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     African Publishers:

  • Cassava Republic Press. Nigeria. "Our core objective is to make quality contemporary literature available to the West African market at an affordable price."
  • East African Educational Publishers. Some literary books, fairly informative site.
  • Kwela Books. South Africa. Over 60 titles in English and other languages, good fiction list. "Committed to broadening the book culture in South Africa".
  • New Africa Books. South African. "Strives to be the leading African publisher -- the world’s definitive gateway to African content and information". Formerly David Philip Publishers et al.
  • Weaver Press. Zimbabwe. Small, focus on southern Africa. fiction imprint beginning 2001. Simple site, little information.

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     Australian Publishers:

  • Hodder Headline Australia. Fairly large. Decent list. Fairly straightforward useful site.
  • gangan publishing. Austrian and Australian literature. 24 titles. Quaint
  • Text Publishing. "A vibrant and distinctive independent Australian publisher with interests across the spectrum of quality fiction and non-fiction". Good, literary list, informative, easy to use site.

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     Canadian Publishers:

  • Anansi. Medium-sized. Literary, Canadian focus but also beyond that. Nice, clean site, adequate information.
  • Arsenal Pulp. Medium-sized (135 titles in print). "Ranging from fiction and poetry to cultural, gender and multicultural studies". Fairly good, if a bit crowded site. Good book and author information
  • Aspasia Books. Small. "A publisher of books designed for those interested in things Finnish, including Finnish literature in English translation".
  • Coach House Books. Medium-sized. Interesting stuff, publish "Canadian poetry, experimental fiction, artist books and drama". Site has a very nice look.
  • Thistledown Press. "Adult and young adult poetry and fiction by Canadian writers". Straightforward site, decent book information.

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     Dutch Publishers:

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     Eastern European Publishers:

  • Central European University Press. Small, varied, regional. Some literature.
  • Glas New Russian Writing. Series of new and old Russian writing. Interesting, varied selection.
  • Twisted Spoon. Small. "An independent English-language small press devoted to publishing new writing, translations, and graphic art from Central & Eastern Europe". Small but varied and interesting list, very literary. See profile in RainTaxi.

  • See also: Catbird Press. Czech literature. Other books as well, but good, small list of Czech literature.

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     French Publishers:

  • Actes Sud. Serious literary publisher, good list.
  • Albin Michel. Good contemporary literary list. Informative site, a bit muddled.
  • Editions Fayard. Very good literary list, very international. Fairly informative site.
  • Gallimard. Excellent literary list, old and new. Fancy site, fairly easy to navigate. Good book and author information (although opens too many new windows).
  • Editions Grasset. Good literary list, some international. Nice, simple, straightforward site. Good book information.
  • Hachette Livre. Good list. Cumbersome site (part of larger Hachette group). Of limited use.
  • Editions Philippe Picquier. Particularly strong on East Asian literature.
  • P.O.L.. Interesting modern literary list. Fairly straightforward site. Good book information.
  • Editions du Seuil. Good list. "Le magazine". Informative, but annoying and unnecessarily pointless presentation.

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     German / Austrian / Swiss Publishers:

  • Ammann. Swiss. Medium-sized. Good international literary list. Good book information about new books. Site design okay, browsing a bit of a pain.
  • Arche Verlag. Swiss. Ca. 200 titles. Good, off-beat literary, varied list. Decent, simple site design. Decent book information.
  • Aufbau Verlag. Includes Rütten & Loening and Gustav Kiepenhauer Verlag. Interesting literary list. Quite cumbersome, slow site. Fancy, but limited real information.
  • C.H.Beck. Varied, fairly literary. Fairly simple, functional site. Decent book information.
  • Berlin Verlag. Good international, literary list. Site fairly straightforward, okay to browse. Decent book information.
  • Deuticke. Austrian. Solid list of interesting German and international literature. Informative, elegant site -- but annoying frames.
  • Diogenes Verlag. Swiss. Excellent German and international list, modern and classic. Okay book information. Horribly over-elaborate site, with nutty frames and windows popping up all over. Almost unusable.
  • DTV. Excellent, large literary list. Fairly elegant, pretty functional site. Decent book information.
  • Literaturverlag Droschl. Austrian. Fairly interesting and eclectic literary backlist, mainly Austrian but also translation. Fairly basic site.
  • Eichborn. Good varied literary list. Functional site, good book and author information.
  • S. Fischer Verlag. Excellent literary list, historical, contemporary, international. Includes Fischer Taschenbuch Verlag (paperbacks). Horrible framed site design, extremely cumbersome to browse. Decent book information.
  • Hanser Verlag. Good literary list, strong international. Straightforward site, good information.
  • Kiepenhauer & Witsch. Very good literary list. Fairly straightforward site, not ideally set up (frames !). Good book information.
  • Edition Nautilus. Limited fiction, but good cutting-edge and historical literature (and interesting non-fiction). Straightforward, functional site. Good book information.
  • Random House. The German arm of the publishing behemoth. Imprints include: C. Bertelsmann, Luchterhand Literaturverlag, btb, Goldmann, Albrecht Knaus, Limes. Okay site.
  • Reclam. Excellent classic literature (in familiar miniature size). Very limited information on site.
  • Rowohlt. Very good, large literary list. Site fairly straightforward and usable, browsing somewhat of a pain. Good book information.
  • Suhrkamp. Includes Insel Verlag. Excellent, extensive literary list. Nice, sleek site design. Fairly functional, though not entirely straightforward. Good book information.
  • Unionsverlag. Great international list (especially African and Asian literature), very good book information, packed site, fairly navigable. Highly recommended.
  • Urs Engeler Editor. Interesting selection.
  • Wagenbach Verlag. Interesting international literary list. Elegant site, very little book information.
  • Zweitausendeins. Good, eclectic smaller publisher. Decent, somewhat cluttered site. Decent book information.

  • See also: Ariadne Press. Austrian literature in English translation.
  • See also: Camden House. Primarily academic, with a "stress on scholarly books dealing with German and Austrian literature"
  • See also: gangan publishing. Austrian and Australian literature. 24 titles. Quaint

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     Indian Publishers:

  • Kali for Women. "Concerned primarily with publishing Third World studies on women". Small selection of fiction, interesting titles. Sleek, simple site.
  • Motilal Banarsidass. Extensive site, with 3000 varied titles, literature mainly Indian and historic (Sanskrit, etc.).

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     Italian Publishers:

  • Einaudi. Fairly large. Literary, international. Elegant site though a bit cumbersome. Decent book information.

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     Japanese Publishers:

  • Kodansha International. Japanese focus, including good but small selection of Japanese literature in translation.
  • Vertical. Very small. "Specializing in translating the best contemporary Japanese books."

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     Portuguese publishers:

  • Editorial Caminho. (Site still being remodeled (11/2001))
  • Campo das Letras. More than 360 titles. Good literary list, both Portuguese and international. Browsing fairly straightforward, though disordered. Practically no book information.
  • Editorial Presença. Good literary list, Portuguese and international. Okay browsing capability. Essentially no book information.

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     Scandinavian Publishers:

  • Albert Bonniers Förlag. Swedish. Fairly large (150 titles p.a.). Good, international, literary list. Annoying frames on site, limited book information.
  • H.Aschehoug. Norwegian. Fairly large, good, international, literary list.
  • Borgen Forlag. Danish. Fairly large. Functional site with some frill. Limited book information.
  • Bokförlaget Natur och Kultur. Swedish. Good literary list. Straightforward functional site, good book information.
  • Glydendal Norsk Forlag. Norwegian. Large. International, literary list. Several imprints. Decent book information.
  • Norstedts Förlag. Swedish. Excellent selection. Site somewhat cumbersome.
  • Tiderne Skifter. Danish. Very good selection.

  • See also: Aspasia Books. Small. "A publisher of books designed for those interested in things Finnish, including Finnish literature in English translation".
  • See also: Mare’s Nest. Very small. Aims to bring "the best in International contemporary fiction to an English-language readership". Icelandic focus.
  • See also: Norvik Press. Small. Specializes in Scandinavian literature.

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     Spanish publishers:

  • Alfaguara. (See also international sites.) Large, good literary list, classical and new, international and Spanish-language. Some book information (not on older titles). Fancy site, annoying frames.
  • Ediciones B. Large. Basically popular fiction. Decent, quite fancy site, okay book information.
  • Editorial Gredos. Classical literature. Interesting list. Simple, straightforward site. Limited book information.
  • Espasa Calpe. Decent literary list. Site a bit too fancy, but nice look. Decent book information for new titles, poor re. old titles.
  • Grijalbo Mondadori. Imprints include Grijalbo, Mondadori, Popular fiction. Fairly fancy but not particularly useful site. Some decent book information.
  • Grupo Planeta. Varied literary lists. Numerous imprints, including: Editorial Planeta, Editorial Crítica, Editorial Seix Barral. Sites vary. Usable (generally), some with quite good information.
  • Plaza Janés. Imprints include: Debate and Lumen. Good book information for new titles, otherwise fairly useless site.

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Indices of Publishers:


     Small and Independent Publishers:

     University and Academic Publishers:

     British Publishers:

     Australian Publishers:

     African publishers:

     Foreign-language Publishers:

  • Verlags-Adressen.de. German. Useful extensive links listing, with very brief descriptions. Annoyingly (and pointlessly) spread out over many, many pages (over 60).
  • Literaturkritik.de. German. Useful list of publishers

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