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Amos Oz
(עמוס עוז)
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Name: Amos OZ (עמוס עוז)
Nationality: Israeli
Born: 4 May 1939
Died: 28 December 2018
Awards: Prix Femina, 1988
Israel Prize for Literature, 1998
WELT-Literaturpreis, 2004

  • Born Amos Klausner
  • B.A. from Hebrew University, Jerusalem
  • M.A. from St. Cross College, Oxford

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Highlighted titles are under review at the complete review

  • Where the Jackals Howl - stories, 1965 (translated by Nicholas de Lange and Philip Simpson (1981))
  • Elsewhere, Perhaps - Novel, 1966 (מקום אחר, translated by Nicholas de Lange (1973))
  • My Michael - novel, 1968 (מיכאל שלי, translated by Nicholas de Lange (1972))
  • Unto Death - novellas, 1971 (עד מוות, translated by Nicholas de Lange (1975))
  • Touch the Water, Touch the Wind - novel, 1973 (לגעת במים לגעת ברוח, translated by Nicholas de Lange (1975))
  • The Hill of Evil Counsel - novellas, 1976 (הר העצה הרעה, translated by Nicholas de Lange (1978))
  • Soumchi - novel, 1978 (translated by Penelope Farmer (1980))
  • Under this Blazing Light - essays, 1979 (באור התכלת העזה, translated by Nicholas de Lange (1995))
  • A Perfect Peace - novel, 1982 (מנוחה נכונה, translated by Hillel Halkin (1985))
  • In the Land of Israel - non-fiction, 1982 (פה ושם בארץ ישראל , translated by Maurie Goldberg-Bartura (1983))
  • The Slopes of Lebanon - essays, 1987 (ממורדות הלבנון, translated by Maurie Goldberg-Bartura (1989))
  • Black Box - novel, 1987 (קופסה שחורה, translated by Nicholas de Lange (1988))
  • To Know a Woman - novel, 1989 (לדעת אישה, translated by Nicholas de Lange (1991))
  • Fima - novel, 1991 (translated by Nicholas de Lange (1993))
  • The Silence of Heaven - non-fiction, 1993 (שתיקת השמים, translated by Barbara Harshay (2000))
  • Don't Call It Night - novel, 1994 (אל תגידי לילה, translated by Nicholas de Lange (1995))
  • Israel, Palestine, and Peace - Essays, 1995 (previously: Whose Holy Land ? (1994))
  • Panther in the Basement - novel, 1995 (פנתר במרתף, translated by Nicholas de Lange (1997))
  • The Story Begins - essays, 1996 (מתחילים סיפור, translated by Maggie Bar-Tura (1999))
  • The Same Sea - novel, 1999 (אותו הים, translated by Nicholas de Lange (2001))
  • A Tale of Love and Darkness - memoir, 2002 (סיפור על אהבה וחושך, translated by Nicholas de Lange (2004))
  • Suddenly in the Depths of the Forest - novel, 2005 (פתאום בעומק היער, translated by Sondra Silverston (2010))
  • How to Cure a Fanatic - lectures, 2006 (previously published, in a slightly different version, as Help us to Divorce (2004))
  • Rhyming Life and Death - novel, 2007 (חרוזי החיים והמוות, translated by Nicholas de Lange (2009))
  • Scenes from Village Life - novel, 2009 (תמונות מחיי הכפר, translated by Nicholas de Lange (2011))
  • בין חברים - stories, 2012
  • Judas - novel, 2014 (הבשורה על-פי יהודה, translated by Nicholas de Lange (2016))

Please note that this bibliography is not necessarily complete

Dates given are of first publication.

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What others have to
say about
Amos Oz:

  • "Selecting words with a poet's precision, Oz arranges them artfully to conjure the desired effect or sensation. One misplaced word, one unexpected burst of spontaneity might sabotage the intricate images he strives to create. And his writing is marked by a sense of fragility, as so often are his protagonists, being the weaker, self-effacing members of society. It is people that interest Oz first; what informs his fiction more than the causes of the unrest and violence inherent in Israeli life is how those involved, both directly and indirectly, respond to their immediate surroundings." - Claudia Pugh-Thomas, Times Literary Supplement (9/2/2001)

  • "It was Amos Oz's good fortune that his breakthrough novel, My Michael, was published in 1968, when, in the wake of the Six-Day War, everything associated with plucky little Israel, from Moshe Dayan to Cinderella Rockefeller, was trendy in the West. And he has, with his Peace Now credentials, remained the international literati's darling, although in the canon of Israeli letters he is not considered to be in the heavyweight league of AB Yehoshua and Meir Shalev." - David Isaacson, The Telegraph (5/9/2004)

  • "Both in his fiction and his essays, Oz has proven himself one of our essential writers, laying out for our observation, in ever-increasing breadth and profundity, the mad landscape of our time and his place -- always enlarging the scope of his questions while avoiding the temptation of dogmatic answers." - Alberto Manguel, The Washington Post (7/11/2004)

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