a serial fantasia

Table of Contents:

  • Chapter 1: A letter arrives and is opened. We learn more about Professor Morgenstern and begin to find out what it is he wants. (First posted 15/12/2001)

  • Chapter 2: The Sinclairs mull over what it all might mean. Eventually, they're off to bed: first Annabelle, then Tancred, and finally Soraya and Balfour too. (First posted 15/12/2001)

  • Chapter 3: Soraya mentions speaking to the lawyers and Balfour, Tancred, and Annabelle wonder what they can expect. Soraya relates what she has learned and approaches to Rystwycz are considered. Balfour and the children proceed more or less uncertainly, everyone preparing in their own way for the first leg of their possible adventure. (First posted 18/12/2001)

  • Chapter 4: Balfour's editorial concerns hold him back - and Soraya thinks he has it all wrong. Eventually, however he starts on Project Morgenstern -- and gets some first reactions. (First posted 6/1/2002)

  • Chapter 5 (var. Tancred): Tancred presents issues and solutions - and offers some advice. He offers an example of what he means. (First posted 18/1/2002)

  • Chapter 6 (var. Annabelle): Annabelle offers a more succinct take in one - two - three scenes until she finds she has enough and offers a few ideas, before closing with a final thought. (First posted 18/1/2002)

  • Chapter 7: Life goes on in Soraya's absence - and Balfour continues to try to work on Project Morgenstern. He tries to give an impression of the the family members as well as their outside influences. (First posted 11/2/2002)

  • Chapter 8: Soraya returns and begins her account. - She describes Morgenstern's house - and meets Rystwycz grandee Theobald von Urnvalg - and then his daughter, Penelope. (First posted 21/2/2002)

  • Chapter 9: Soraya's tour of the town - and then her return. - Life, for now, returns to normalcy. (First posted 15/3/2002)

  • Chapter 10: Balfour considers what tempts him - and the kids offer their opinion - but it all comes down to Soraya. (First posted 14/5/2002)

  • Chapter 11: The decision sinks in - and preparations are considered. Still, Balfour finds time again to turn to a new book. (First posted 12/6/2002)

  • Chapter 12: Professional obligations take their toll - and some authors are more than anyone could care to deal with. But Soraya also considers what new purchases she can make - while the family offers even wilder suggestions. (First posted 18/8/2002)

  • Chapter 13: Plans become fixed and official - and preparations are slowly finalized. Meanwhile, Annabelle finds a pen-pal. (First posted 12/11/2002)

  • Chapter 14: School obligations remain for the kids, - so Tancred busies himself with orbits - while Annabelle undoes Hapgood. (First posted 5/2/2003)

  • Chapter 15: Bags are packed and books selected. - Soraya hectors unsuspecting MFA students. - Penelope offers some Middlemarch-thoughts. (First posted 25/2/2003)

  • Chapter 16: A publishing bash is attended - but other dreams of and by Sinclair & Sinclair preferred. (First posted 26/6/2003)

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