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Cees Nooteboom

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Title: Mokusei
Author: Cees Nooteboom
Genre: Novel
Written: 1980
Length: 72 pages
Original in: Dutch
Availability: Mokusei ! - Deutschland
Mokusei ! - France
  • Dutch title: Mokusei !
  • The English translation of Mokusei is currently out of print

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Our Assessment:

B+ : a nice, fleeting love story

See our review for fuller assessment.

The complete review's Review:

       Nooteboom already displayed a certain fascination for Japan in the book written right before this one, Rituals (see our review). In Mokusei ! (the Dutch title includes the emphatic exclamation mark) he reveals more of it, writing the slight but affecting impossible love story between a Japanese woman and a Dutch photographer.
       Arnold Pessers gets a photography assignment in Japan. He has a friend there, de Goede, who works in the cultural section of the Belgian Embassy. De Goede serves as a knowing tour guide, constantly pointing out and demonstrating the pitfalls of the seductive country. De Goede has the proper distance from Japan, and warns of the false expectations that foreigners have, acknowledging also that foreigners will never truly grasp the country.
       As in Rituals, Nooteboom balances the fascination with Japan with a very pragmatic outlook, and though there is a bit much of the "East is East, and West is West and never shall the twain meet", on the whole Nooteboom presents the country well and even faithfully.
       Pessers falls in love, and he conducts a long distance affair with a Japanese woman. She does not want to leave Japan, his work is in Holland. They lead an intermittent affair, Pessers coming when he can, on one occasion staying for as long as six months.
       It is, however, an impossible love, and a doomed one. Nooteboom handles this well as well, not going too far overboard on the supposed mystery of Japan. There are masks and photographs, reality and illusion, but Nooteboom weaves it all together nicely enough.
       It is a very slight book, but a nice read. Recommended.

       Please note that while this book has been translated (it is now out of print) this review refers to the Dutch original.

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    About the Author:

           Dutch author Cees Nooteboom was born in 1933. He is a poet, novelist, and travel writer.

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