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      Users of Amazon.com will be familiar with their recommendations. Under each title on their site they offer a list of suggestions of other titles people who bought this book bought. And they also offer personalized suggestions based on your purchasing history.
      Now they have come up with yet another twist: suggesting what users who click-through from a specific site (like the complete review) might also be interested in, based on what users of the complete review have previously bought from Amazon.com (in the United States) and Amazon.co.uk (in the United Kingdom).

      We admit that we are intrigued by this exercise.

      The main drawback to such a list -- at least for users of the complete review -- is, of course, that none of the books Amazon.com suggests are actually under review at the complete review. Which sort of defeats the purpose of the site. (Note that some titles do slip through -- i.e. some are actually under review, but Amazon doesn't recognize them, because they are different editions, etc.)
      Nevertheless, users might find such a list useful. After all, we can't (and don't) review everything, and perhaps this will draw attention to titles that truly would be of interest but that, for whatever reason, are not (or not yet) under review at the complete review. And now you can compare what our American users are interested in with what our British users prefer:
      The Amazon-recommendations can be found at:

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