the complete review Quarterly
Volume I, Issue 4   --   November, 2000

Editorial Notes

       With this, the fourth installment of the complete review Quarterly, the first volume -- and the first year -- is complete. The complete review Quarterly has proven to be a valuable supplement to the complete review itself, and we look forward to expanding its role in the coming year.

       Our lead article is a comprehensive survey of Dyer Interest on the Internet, as the complete review Quarterly examines the availability of information about author Geoff Dyer on the Internet, and the amount of apparent interest in this information. It casts some doubt on the much-vaunted potential of the Internet, and is the first in what will be a series of article considering how authors of quality literature can (or can not) take advantage of the opportunities the Internet would seem to offer.

       Our traditional Literary Saloon dialogue is On the Cover / Uncovered, looking at "what's in reviews and what's not". A cursory look at the state of book reviewing in the United States it is another sobering barroom piece.

       What's Hot and What's Not gives readers an idea of what other visitors to the complete review are interested in, an often surprising list of the popular and the extremely unpopular.


       We're glad to see you back at the Literary Saloon. Enjoy !

The Editors, at the complete review Quarterly

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