the complete review Quarterly
Volume I, Issue 3   --   August, 2000

Editorial Notes

       The complete review Quarterly, a supplement to the complete review itself, continues to attract a growing readership. The summer months make for less ambition among publishers and readers, so there is little heady fare in this issue -- but certainly enough to interest our users

       The publishing event of the summer was, of course, the release of the newest Harry Potter book, and even the complete review could not really ignore it. Harry who ? is the complete review's take on the Harry Potter phenomenon -- as always, just a bit out of the mainstream media crush and rush.

       Bellowing and Braying surveys the catchy (and less catchy) titles that reviewers of Saul Bellow's Ravelstein came up with, offering some insight into the reviewer's (and editor's) art (or artlessness).

       Surveying the Scene offers observations from the Literary Saloon in the summer of 2000, looking over the evolution of complete review and popular reaction to it.

       Finally, there is a traditional dialogue at the Literary Saloon, On Online Alternatives, wondering whether books will be displaced by online alternatives. It's not the e-book debate (though surely one of those will come up at the Literary Saloon sooner or later as well), but another aspect of choice between traditional publication and digital alternatives.

       We're glad to see you back at the Literary Saloon. Enjoy !

The Editors, at the complete review Quarterly

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