the complete review Quarterly
Volume I, Issue 2   --   May, 2000

Editorial Notes

       The complete review Quarterly, the newest addition to the complete review, slowly gathers some momentum of its own with a steadily growing readership. This, the second issue, moves the focus away from the complete review itself, offering two significant surveys that should be of considerable interest to readers.

       The Survey of Book Review Sites is the first survey conducted by the complete review Quarterly. Twelve leading book review sites are examined, offering Internet users information about where they can get their information about books. An admittedly subjective overview, the survey should nevertheless offer some guidance as to the advantages and disadvantages of these leading sites.
       Future surveys will look at a variety of other sites -- as well as book reviews in traditional publications that may not yet be available on the Internet.

       This issue of the complete review Quarterly also offers a comparative study of the critical responses to Jorge Luis Borges' Collected Fictions, in Borges Under Review. One of the goals of the complete review is to present as many opinions as possible. This piece, comparing seventeen reviews of Borges' work, serves to highlight the difficulties of relying on individual reviews -- and the inadequacy of much of contemporary reviewing. The famed Borges would seem to be an easy subject for reviewers to tackle, but this cursory examination of a variety of reviews shows how many points that would seem obvious and of great interest to readers are ignored.

       Finally, there is a traditional dialogue at the Literary Saloon, On Critical Anonymity, written in response to the surprising number of comments received regarding the anonymity of almost all aspects of the complete review.

       We're glad to see you back at the Literary Saloon. Enjoy !

The Editors, at the complete review Quarterly

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