the complete review Quarterly
Volume I, Issue 1   --   February, 2000

Editorial Notes

       Welcome to the complete review Quarterly.

       The complete review has become a popular and critically acclaimed forum. The reviews, review summaries, and links offering comprehensive coverage of the books under review have made the complete review a valuable source of information. The complete review Quarterly now picks up where the review-site leaves off, allowing for a broader reach and addressing topical concerns.
       The Literary Saloon grows apace, now with a two-pronged attack.

       The inaugural issue is a first sampling of what is planned for this space.

       The first article is appropriately devoted to presenting the State of the Site, giving users an overview of the development of the complete review in 1999. We also provide a brief overview of the Books Received for review in 1999.

       As a Literary Saloon, the complete review is a place of drink and discussion. We aren't licensed to serve alcohol over the Internet, so you'll have to make do with a sampling of the literary debates.
       Dialogue is the obvious form for addressing many of the issues of concern, and On Dialogue serves as a first introduction to the doings at the Literary Saloon. The debates continue with the millennial/centennial/decennial/annual reassessment, Books o' the Ages, which takes a look at various "best book" lists.

       Fragments Shoring Ruin offers a perspective on Thomas Bernhard, Volker Braun, and T.S.Eliot, one form of criticism and commentary as practiced at the Literary Saloon. More will follow.

       Welcome to the Literary Saloon, and enjoy !

The Editors, at the complete review Quarterly

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