About Inquest

       Inquest is a serial fantasia.

       Inquest is a work of fiction. Currently it is open-ended; sections are added (and revised) at the whim of the authors.

       Inquest is an entertainment. It can be perused as such -- or, as long as the intellectual property rights of the copyright holders are not infringed upon, in any other manner readers see fit.

       The opinions expressed in Inquest are merely opinions and should be treated as such. They do not necessarily represent the opinions of the authors, of complete review Fiction, or of the readers of Inquest. They can be taken as seriously (or as frivolously) as readers wish.

       The authors of Inquest are, tautologically but incontrovertibly, its authors. The copyright to Inquest, and all rights associated with it, is held by complete review Fiction, a wholly owned subsidiary of the complete review.

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